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4 November 1983
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Hiya! This is my personal journal for the QAF/HP fans from over the world, why? I'm the picspam poster for any HP/QAF communities ... what else? Oh, I'm a first time new writer at the QAF/HP fanfictions. I'm rubbish at writing the fucking words on the bio page *shrugs* okay that's enough ... later! Peace out!

I'm Mylene but you can call me "Leney" if you wanna. :)
I'm simply laid-back, easy-going, slender, tomboy @ heart, bookwormie and deaf girl.
I'm the biggest fan of Rupert Grint, BradAngelina, Harry Potter, QAF, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, The L word, Kate Moennig, Emma Watson, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and Julia Roberts.
I'm manga/bookworm lover as always and forever! *winks & grins*
I'm single and Bi, not interested in dating or whatsover cuz I really have commintment phobia. *shrugs* sorrie!
I've always wanted to be a freelance photographer and wanted to live in Canada, New York, or London someday.
If you have questions, suggestions, and anything, pls PM me through LJ or email me anytime, thank you!

The credit to kelzies and belongs to dani_blondy, so thanks!!

Brian and Justin are forever love.

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